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TaTa Sherise was always a funny girl growing up in South Jersey. In fact, she takes pride in winning the award for “Class Clown” and “Best Personality” during her school years. She has been on stage dancing and acting since she was 5 years old. TaTa later graduated from Rider University in 2013 where she studied Public Relations and Radio & TV Broadcasting. After college she studied acting for two years in Philadelphia, but it was not until her father passed away, a bad breakup, and coping with her mothers drug addiction that she finally decided to do stand up comedy.


TaTa hit the comedy stage in 2017 in Philly as a sense of therapy and a way to release. In less than 7 years in comedy, she’s performed in over 350 stand up shows in several major cities across the country and quickly made a name for herself in Philly and the surrounding areas. She was named “Creator to Watch” in the 2023 New York Comedy Festival. She was featured on The Drew Barrymore Show and Mastery of Comedy Facebook TV show which was produced by Magic Lemonade Productions. TaTa launched a brand called “Girls Got Giggles” with creative partner Andrea “Drizz” Lewis that includes a podcast, show productions, and short films. In 2022 TaTa Sherise was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer as “The Hottest Comedian To Come Out of Philly!”


Her style is energetic, raw, and she captivates audiences easily with her charm, relatable childhood trauma stories, and movement on stage. From acting in films, creating short films, and comedy sketches to blazing the stage consistently TaTa Sherise is surely one to watch out for! Follow TaTa Sherise as She Rises! 


"True desire in the heart for anything good, is God's proof to you sent beforehand to indicate that it's yours already."



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